How to Choose the Right Landscaper for Your Orlando/Tampa Property

May 27, 2019

It may not seem like a big decision, but finding the right Landscaper can make all the difference! Everyone promises to do an amazing job to ensure your property looks its best, they have a similar list of services, and claim to have your best interest in mind. The reality of it, your landscape says a lot about your business, the appearance makes people decide if they will park their car and come inside or drive right by.

To avoid any unwanted surprises, keep these tips in mind when finding a landscape service. 

Training and Experience 

Check out the company’s clients, is there any you recognize? What type of experience do they have? Are they qualified to handle your needs? Do they keep up with the latest techniques and trends? Do they have ongoing training for their crews? 

Dedicated Teams 

No matter what size property you have, you want the landscape team to make it a priority.

A well structured operations teams ensure everything is taken care of, open communications, site reports, all this makes Baker Commercial Landscape easy to work with. 

Top of the Line Equipment 

Tailored solutions, landscape enhancements, and state of the art equipment are necessary for an attractive property. Baker Commercial Landscaping ensures the latest techniques, a fleet of the latest propane powered equipment, and all safety precautions are in place. We have a variety of services, a ‘one stop shop’ for all your needs. 

From design, installation, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, maintenance, aquatic service, and eco-friendly treatments, to enhance the beauty of your landscape. 

Serving Central Florida since 1991, Baker Commercial Landscaping provides a complete landscape solution for property owners and managers eliminating the need for multiple contractors.  We have a “Can Do” attitude that sets us apart from other landscape companies.

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