How To Choose The Best Landscaper For Your Orlando/Tampa Business

February 9, 2020

In last week’s blog we talked about how difficult it can be to choose a quality landscaper in Central Florida, Orland and Tampa Area. Your landscape is a big investment and can make a huge difference in where people live, shop, and dine.

Baker Commercial Landscaping understands that property owners have made a significant investment of time and money in their properties.  For that reason, we are dedicated to making them look their best with a custom plan for each individual property that has safety, energy efficiency and budget in mind.

Experience and training, a dedicated management and operations team, flexible resources and modern equipment, are all necessary aspects of a landscape service. Here are a few others:

The Simplicity Of One Primary Provider

One service that handles landscape design and installation, maintenance, irrigation, tree care, fertilization, and pest control, throughout the year. A contact person who is easily accessible, with open communications. Improving efficiency and ensuring there won’t be any gaps in future services. 

Eco-Friendly For A Better Environment

LP is a clean burning fuel with higher octane ratings resulting in more efficient power to the motor.   LP fuel is safe to purchase, use and store – no pouring is required which eliminates toxic spills.

The use of LP fuel in small block two and 4-stroke engines exceeds EPA Emission Standards resulting in zero evaporative emissions and ozone depleting hydrocarbons.

The use of LP fuel is non-toxic to ground water and soil emitting 97% fewer particulates and 96% fewer carcinogens into the environment compared with gasoline or diesel fuel engines.  Over 85% of liquid propane fuel that is used in the USA is produced in the USA.

Baker Commercial Landscaping also recycles 100% of all yard waste to further protect the environment.

You Can Count On Baker Commercial Landscaping

Baker Commercial Landscaping sets itself apart from other landscape companies providing personal involvement with each and every client.  Our fleet of trucks with specially trained team members ensures that your property will be maintained to the highest quality. We provide professional service with personal involvement for each and every client. 

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