How Can You Find Effective Commercial Landscaping in Orlando/Tampa?

March 24, 2020

When you drive by a commercial property and the landscape always looks great and you wonder why? It’s because they have a professional landscape service. With regular maintenance and seasonal updates, your property can be the one everyone is attracted to. 

Easy steps that will make your landscape turn heads

#1 Landscape Maintenance

The team at Baker Landscape make up of specially trained employees that will maintain your property to the highest quality. We take the up-keep and beauty of your property seriously, we have Account Managers that visit twice a month. Their visits makes it easier to catch any landscape concerns that could otherwise go unnoticed.

#2 Landscape Design and Installation

The Baker Landscape design and installation team create a breathtaking scene for your business. The perfectly planned and planted design can add more than good looks it can add value to your property. Customers, clients, guests, and just about everyone will be drawn in as they drive by your establishment. Using the best and latest technology to custom designs a plan to enhance your landscape.

#3 Irrigation Design, Installation and Repair

Water is one of the most important factors when keeping landscapes looking their best. Baker Commercial Landscaping has over forty years of irrigation experience. Our Technicians are trained in all areas to install pumps, clocks, lines and valves. They also repair all sorts of operational troubles like heads and rotors. Technicians complete periodic system maintenance to prevent future problems.

To save time and money for our clients each member of our team has parts and accessories on their vehicle to assist with trouble shooting so the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. It is important to keep the system running efficiently as hydration is one of the most crucial aspects of any landscape.

#4 Pest Control

Not only do we have to worry about pests in Florida but fungus and weeds as well. Every property has its own needs when it comes to controlling unwanted visitors to the garden. For a healthy, lush landscape it is important to keep out weeds, fungus and insects that do more harm than good. Everyone one of our team members is licensed and certified.

They are the best at what they do and they can educate you on proper practices for care. Ensuring your grass, trees, plants, and trees are beautiful all year round.

We deliver impeccable landscape sure to impress. Choose any or all of our amazing services and you will not be disappointed. Make Baker Commercial Landscape your go to for all your outdoor landscape needs and. Look out for our newsletter for great pointers!