Getting Orlando & Tampa Business Landscape Ready for Spring!

January 17, 2018

The landscaping and lawn tend to get overlooked this time of year. Especially by Orlando, Tampa, and Brevard business owners and property managers. Since we don’t experience the harsh cold weather like our friends up north, our lawns need attention all year round to ensure it stays looking its best.

As the cooler air sets in, much of the lawn goes dormant. While in this state it is especially susceptible to damage. As the lawn rehydrates and gets ready for spring, it is important not to upset the natural balance of dormancy, such as excessive foot traffic or over fertilization.

Be on the look out for three major winter turf diseases, Bythium Blight, harmful nematodes, and large brown patchy areas. They can easily wreak havoc on your lawn and cause problems well past the winter months.

Though it is important to keep the lawn looking good throughout the cooler months, mowing too much or too little can damage the grass.

Since the grass is not growing as much, it is a good time to focus on the soil for a healthy lawn this spring.

It is also a good time to add some fresh mulch, it acts like a blanket, keep the roots warm during those cold nights.

Because the grass isn’t growing as fast as in the warmer months means it won’t need as much water, which means adjusting the irrigation system. Too much water when it’s cold outside can cause the soil to freeze and increase root rot and diseases. If you’re not sure, just contact Baker Commercial Landscaping to ensure your landscaping looks great all year round.

It is easy to get busy this time of year and forget about your landscaping, but it is important to take care of the lawn even in the winter months. Just by taking a few steps can ensure your landscaping will look beautiful and vibrant all year.

Help From Professionals

Baker Commercial Landscaping has experienced crews and project managers that can help you create beautiful landscaping for your home and business. We are fully licensed and insured, our equipment is state of the art and well maintained by our in-house repair facility. We focus our attention on the visual appearance, cost-effectiveness, design’s functionality, and environmental friendliness.

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