Free Quote; Orlando & Tampa; Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

August 16, 2020

Commercial landscaping has many benefits, from increase curb appeal, more foot traffic and a professional atmosphere. As a top landscaper in Florida, Baker Commercial Landscaping can get the results you want.

Increases Visibility 

Landscaping is one of the most underused marketing tool

The first thing guests notice about your business is its landscaping, using it as a marketing tool is a lucrative investment. From an office park to a medical plaza, every business needs a feature that makes it stand out, attracts visitors and makes a lasting impression.

Use colorful sustainable flowers and plants to attract attention to your signage. Large stately trees with a high canopy is a great place for attractive seating. Drown out traffic noise with a relaxing fountain. Hide unsightly equipment, garbage or air conditioning with shrubs. A good landscaping design is one of your best marketing tools.

Perception of the Property

Beautiful landscaping can transform your property into an inviting, safe environment, even at night. Not only will it deter crime, tenants and guests will feel secure with proper lighting, pruning and maintenance. A positive aesthetic environment reduces stress, boosts sales, encourage customers and clients to stay longer. This includes a clear path with no debris or paving stones to fall over or weeds, overgrown shrubs, and tree roots to trip over.


A study done by Professors Rachel and Steven Kaplan of University of Michigan, published in the American Psychological Association, found workers who were able to experience nature, flowers and trees, felt mentally and physically restored, more satisfied with their jobs and felt less pressure. The study goes on to say, “Even a glimpse of nature from a window helps. In one well-known study, for instance, Rachel Kaplan found that office workers with a view of nature liked their jobs more, enjoyed better health and reported greater life satisfaction.”

To ensure your business reaches its full potential you need a professional landscaper who has experience and understands your needs. Baker Commercial Landscaping does just that! We offer a variety of landscaping features to attract attention of potential guests and keep them coming back.

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The experience landscape team at Baker Commercial Landscaping will assess your property to create a welcome mat with a lasting impression. Vital components include seasonal plantings, sod, pruning, irrigation, mulching, fertilizing, maintenance, pest and weed control, and aquatic services. Our attention to details will be noticed by your guest