Five Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Landscape For Winter in Orlando and Tampa

November 24, 2017

With winter and the holidays approaching make sure your commercial properties are ready for not only colder weather but for the holidays. Preparing for the changing of the seasons can help maintain a healthy landscape year-round as well as keep your customers happy with a warm welcome. Baker Commercial Landscape wants to help ensure your property stays healthy and beautiful throughout the whole year.

Proper care for plants, shrubs, trees and lawns is important during the winter months, even in Florida. One night with low temperatures in the 30s or 40s can cause unmanageable damage. Making sure that properties are well maintained is key to survival for many commercial properties. With shorter days and cooler temperatures growing slows tremendously.

1. Pruning
One major step in winterizing landscapes it the importance of pruning. This time of year, is perfect for removing unwanted branches providing clearance. This reduces the risk of breakage and reduces the size of trees. Proper pruning is important, working with professionals ensures every tree and shrub gets the right amount of attention.

2. Regulating Soil Temperatures
Soil temperatures are important to keeping roots healthy. Mulch can help regulate the temperature of the soil, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Mulch also improves the soil by reducing soil erosion, inhibiting weeds, and sustaining moisture. Consider the importance of mulch when evaluating landscapes and properties this winter.

3. Watering
During Florida winters it does not rain often, watering newly planted trees, shrubs and plants will keep them healthy through the season. While most of the plant that is above ground is dormant during the winter, underground roots will continue to grow and thrive if they receive adequate moisture.

4. Get Festive
The holidays are a wonderful way to bring some extra cheer to the everyday landscape, even employees will be happy to come to work. Similar to planting summer annuals, property managers can have seasonal annuals put in adding a warm change. Customers will feel the holiday spirit as they enter your holiday designed entry way. Including poinsettias is a wonderful way to bring in festive color

5. Smart Decorating
Many businesses include holiday decorations and lights in their seasonal changes. It is important to practice safety when running extension cords and power sources around plants. Avoiding high traffic areas is important, especially because regular lawn maintenance like mowing that continues throughout the season.

Baker Commercial Landscaping provides the proper maintenance and care needed to keep your landscape looking its best throughout the winter and all year long. From ensuring every tree is pruned to adding holiday color and d├ęcor to landscapes get the best out of your property with Baker.