Eye Catching Commercial Landscape Orlando, Brevard and Tampa

July 24, 2018

What is one of the best way a business can make a big impression on their customers and clients? Beautiful landscape with colorful flowers. Your business is being judged from the moment someone drives by. Either they feel welcome or want to keep driving by.

Creating an impressive welcome mat with colorful flowers makes your commercial business stand out

Flowers are a crowd pleaser, they demand attention. Unique styles and colors that thrive in our harsh Central Florida weather conditions.

Some variations love the sun and humidity such as marigolds, petunias, and cosmos. Other annuals such as pansies, geraniums, and snapdragons like the cooler temperatures.

If your property has a lot of trees, coleus, impatiens, fuchsia, and Caladium are shade friendly.

Some flowers take more maintenance, the design team at Baker Commercial Landscaping are well versed in, which plants will thrive on your property.

Eye catching landscape are very popular in Central Florida, Orlando, Brevard, and Tampa area. Unconventional landscape design, focal point, dazzling colors, planters, varying shapes and colors, can achieve the upper edge. Replacing older flowers with fresh annuals will create a fresh look.

Someone driving by may not have ever noticed a business, until they put in new colorful seasonal annuals. Now they want to stop in and see what it is all about.

Let the design and installation team at Baker Commercial Landscaping create a landscape for your property that will not only add beauty and value to your property, but also provide a lasting first impression for friends, family, clients and passers-by. Our Design and Installation Team will work one-on-one with you to create a landscape that fits the property and your budget.

Creating the perfect welcome mat for your business takes a lot of work and experience.  The professionals at Baker Commercial Landscaping have perfected the WOW factor. We are a full service company that takes the hassle and stress out of making the best first impression.