Do You Really Need A Commercial Landscaper In Orlando or Tampa ?

August 2, 2020

Your Orlando/Tampa landscape says a lot about your business. Your curb appeal can make people feel comfortable about your establishment, or uncomfortable. If you’ve done any type of landscaping, you know it is time consuming, difficult, and extremely hot! Hiring a professional landscape service not only ensures your property looks good all year round, it can even save you money!

Research shows a nice landscape can boost business, increase productivity, and even put people in a good mood. This can be accomplished by hiring a landscape service that offers several services. 

Landscape Design and Installation 

Create a welcoming environment with a beautiful landscape

Design and installation team at Baker Commercial Landscaping  has helped hundreds of businesses by creating a landscape that not only add beauty and value to your property, but also provide a lasting first impression for friends, family, clients and passers-by.

Our Design and Installation Team will work one-on-one with you to create a landscape that fits the property and your budget.

Lawn maintenance, trimming and cleaning 

Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment is important for every business. From keeping the lawn in great shape, trimming hedges and trees, planting Florida friendly plants, proper insect, weeds and fungus control with sufficient nutrient application.


Irrigation is a crucial part of your landscape maintenance so whether you have residential or commercial needs. With today’s demands on water conservation, it is important that your system runs as efficiently as possible.

Baker Landscaping’s irrigation fleet is fully equipped with parts and accessories to assist with maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are trained in areas such as clock, line, valve and pump installation, operational trouble shooting of heads and rotors, and complete periodic system maintenance and repairs.

Baker Commercial Landscaping, Inc. sets itself apart from other landscape companies providing personal involvement with each and every client.  

We understand that property owners have made a significant investment of time and money in the properties we service.  For that reason, we are dedicated to making them look their best with a custom plan for each individual property.