Cost Effective Landscaping for Orlando & Tampa Properties

February 23, 2020

Property managers and business owners are always looking for a way to cut cost. Curb appeal matters, it makes a difference in how people view their first impression.

Many businesses and HOA’s are taking advantage of drought tolerant and low maintenance landscaping, with a smart irrigation system to help your bottom line. It requires a landscape team with smart planning, efficient design, and experienced installation. 

Smart Landscaping Starts With 5 Cost Effective Ideas

Plant Selection

Installing native plants can go a long way in reducing your landscape budget. These plants require less water and maintenance. They can also minimize cleanup since they drop less leaves and branches. Creating an eye catching environment with native and drought resistant vegetation has become very popular here in Florida. 

Water Wise Irrigation Systems 

Water conservation is a serious issue, many property managers and businesses are doing their part by upgrading their irrigation system. It is also saving them money along the way. There are several features in today’s market, converting older sprinkler heads to high efficiency, evapotranspiration based controllers, master valves with flow meters, and rain gauges, help the environment and your budget. The Baker Landscaping team can help recommend the best features for your property’s needs and soil type. 

Invest In Trees 

Selecting the right trees for your property can help reduce energy cost for the surrounding buildings, add an element of beauty, and increase the property value. With trees come the need for routine maintenance, pruning, fertilization, and pest control, but the return on investment is worth it. 

Eye catching landscaping, beautiful and safe walkways, and modern materials will keep your property attractive to guests and customers. Baker Commercial Landscaping offers a variety of designs and maintenance plans to suit any budget. 

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