Commercial Landscaping, Property Managers in Orlando/Tampa

February 15, 2019

Property managers and commercial businesses are recognizing the value in professional landscaping. A fresh, innovative design and routine maintenance throughout the year increases customer satisfaction, the number of guests, and productivity of employees. 

What will be influencing the landscape planning in 2019? According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), published in the Facility Executive:

Experiential landscape design. Today’s landscapes are thoughtfully and creatively built for living, working and playing, and bring together form and function for a quality outdoor experience. Office landscapes more frequently include walking and bicycle paths, dining areas or gardens to enhance the employees’ experience.

More residential landscapes feature designated areas for cooking, dining, relaxing and even working outdoors, armed with fully integrated outdoor lighting and audio/visual systems for a multisensory and multiuse experience, day or night. For both residential and commercial landscapes, the experience often begins at the entrance, with beautiful lawns, plantings and design elements that make a welcoming or wowing first impression.

Plants in playful colors and patterns. While the simple elegance of greenery was all the rage last year, 2018 will see a renewed interest in adding pops of color and whimsy to landscapes. With ultra violet named the Color of the Year by Pantone, a leading provider of color systems and an influencer on interior and exterior design, landscape professionals expect to integrate more violets, verbena, clematis, iris and other purple flowers into landscapes. “Patterned” plants are also getting their time in the garden spotlight, as these unique plants are revered for their intricate details, such as striped leaves or brightly colored veins.

Emphasis on water management and conservation. A buzzword for years, sustainability in landscaping is more than a trend, it influences how landscapes are created and maintained now and in the years to come. In particular, the integration of eco-friendly watering practices are expected to continue to take off in 2018, including the use of plants native to a region (which generally use less water), xeriscaping (planning a landscape to use low-water use plants), and smarter irrigation technology.

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