Commercial Landscaping, Orlando, Tampa, Brevard

December 10, 2018

Property managers and business owners throughout Central Florida, Orlando, Tampa, and Brevard, are taking this time to get your property in shape for the upcoming season. Now is the time to design a plan that will beautify your property, attract customers and guests, as well as a lower landscaping budget.

One that will address all the components of your landscape  such as mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, tree trimming, aquatic services and pest control for a healthy environment.

Professional landscaping increases resale value of the property and gives credibility to a business’s profile, create a positive image, and attract customers and clients.

There’s nothing better to attract customers and visitors to your commercial buildings or residential home than a vibrant green lawn, beautiful, colorful flowering plants and properly maintained bushes and trees. Likewise, an unmaintained landscape can give a bad impression and turn guests away.

The University of Washington study reviled, customers find it easier to locate a business with an attractively maintained landscaping.

Also, Psychologist found workers feel more at ease and are more productive if they have access to lush greens grass and plants. It’s easy to see how a small investment in irrigation and landscaping maintenance can boost your profits.

Now is a good time to take a walk around your property. Take a good look at the landscape and what it is saying to your customers and employees. Does it match the image you want to portray? If not, it’s time to contact Baker Commercial Landscaping.

Our dedication and experience to Florida’s sustainable practices is what sets Baker Commercial Landscaping above the rest. In the long run, your property will look great, with less effort and less expense. Landscaping has proven to directly affect where customers and people shop, dine, and live. Don’t underestimate your company’s exterior look, make the right choice when choosing a landscape company.