Commercial Landscaping in Orlando & Tampa, Free Quote

January 25, 2019

The right landscape design and maintenance can change your whole business! Curb appeal says a lot to your customers, tenants, employees, even those driving by. It can bring you new business or it can send it away. 

How do your customers feel when they drive into your parking lot? Do they see beautiful green grass, colorful flowers, and hedges that are neatly trimmed? Or do they see an unkempt lawn, weeds in the flower beds, and overgrown plants?  

Which one would you rather see? One attracts customers and encourages them to stay, while the other probably ends up costing you customers. 

How Can a great Landscape Design and Maintenance Enhance Your Business?

Make Your Customers and Tenants Happy

A well maintained property with beautiful landscaping is viewed as a valuable asset. It can build a positive corporate image, make your business look more professional, credible, safe for your clients as well as employees, and a peaceful environment. This can be the advantage and deciding factor between your business and your competitors.

Studies show customers feel more comfortable and secure when the exterior space has quality visual appeal. This means the customers will have leisurely strolls and lengthier visits while they enjoy the seasonal landscaping. Ornamental stonework, landscaping, lighting, inviting seating areas and walkways, also attract customers.

A beautiful, well maintained landscaping in the Orlando and Tampa area, is worth its weight in gold.

Commercial and retail property owners understand the value of increasing their customers and quality tenants, especially in a competitive economy. Landscaping can make the difference between someone driving right by your establishment and someone stopping in for a visit. Partnering with a professional landscape service, Baker Commercial Landscape, to create an inviting design, keep it well maintained and a lasting impression. 

As a trusted leader in the industry, Baker Commercial Landscaping can quickly turn your Orlando/Tampa business or residence into a beautiful balance of functionality and aesthetics.  We provide a complete economical landscaping solution for property owners, managers and residential home owners.

Landscaping has proven to directly affect where customers and people shop, dine, and live. Don’t underestimate your company’s exterior look, make the right choice when choosing a landscape company, contact Baker Commercial Landscape today for a free quote!