Commercial Landscaping; Improve Your Outdoor Space

May 17, 2020

As the Orlando and Tampa areas start opening back up from COVID-19, we want to attract  guests with a warm and inviting welcome mat. Now is a great time to improve your outdoor space, transforming it into a functional area with chairs and tables. 

But Where Do You Start?

Sure, you could put out a few tables and chairs and hope for the best, or you could contact Baker Commercial Landscaping for a more effective plan. 

What are the qualities of an effective outdoor space?

Attractive Appearance 

1Visual appearance is first and foremost. Your landscape and outside area are the first thing guests see, you want to make a great impression. It speaks volumes about the overall tone of your business, you need it to look attractive and well put together. 

Inviting Atmosphere 

Effective landscaping creates an inviting welcome mat. Persuading guests to come inside and stay awhile. With beautiful flowers and plants, seating, easily navigated walkways, and unique elements. 


Effective landscaping should be visually appealing and functional. While everything was put on hold with the Coronavirus, it gave trees and shrubs time to grow. It may be time to prune any overhanging or damaged branches and clean up the walkways. Also, remove any overgrowth blocking your signage or business name.


The competition is going to be fierce, how will you make your business stand out. Your image is directly affected by your landscaping, whether good or bad. Cutting edge and visual appealing landscape design can make all the difference.

A well maintained property builds a positive corporate image, making your business look more professional, credible, and safe for your clients as well as employees. This can be the advantage and deciding factor between your business and your competitors.

Investing in your landscape and partnering with Baker Commercial Landscaping can give you the edge over the competition! Our experienced design team is bursting with fresh ideas for spring!

Get started today by contacting Baker Commercial Landscaping.