Commercial Landscaping for Orlando/Tampa Without Breaking The Budget

April 23, 2020

In last week’s blog we talked about what commercial properties need to know about keeping their landscape looking attractive all year round. Plants need to compliment your building, while being low maintenance and affordable.  Here is how you can accomplish that without breaking the bank. 

Create a Design That Makes Your Signage Stand Out 

You want to make your signage stand out and draw attention. Attractive plants that keep blooming are a great way to do that. You defiantly don’t want them to grow too fast that they obscure you sign. 

Safety and Hazard Considerations

Planting the right plant in the right place is vital. Shrubs and trees that grow too fast can cause serious problems.

Such as blocking security cameras, obscuring the line of sight for cars on the property, impeding with pedestrian traffic, and providing the perfect location for intruders or vandals. 

Pruning Trees on Your Property

Trees can provide well needed shade, makes a property have an established feel, and even safe a building money on utility costs. But when planted in the wrong location can be a costly mistake. 

Trees should not be planted too close to buildings or pavement. They can pose a danger to pedestrians and buildings. Overgrown branches can grow into walkways and entrances, or fall on buildings. 

Roots can also spread and cause significant damage to underground pipes, parking lots, sidewalks, and other surfaces. 

Baker Commercial Landscaping has the experience to ensure plants are in the perfect spot for future growth. 

Installing the best plants for each commercial property

Not all properties are the same, they all have unique qualities. Plants that are easy to maintain, heat and drought resistant are easy on the landscape budget. 

Baker Commercial Landscaping understands the importance of your bottom line and attracting guests.

When your landscape looks great your business looks great!

Curb appeal matters! Commercial landscaping is more than just installing a few plants. Let Baker Landscaping help you create an eye catching property that fits in your budget.