Commercial Landscaping; Because Curb Appeal Matters!

June 16, 2020

When it comes to the curb appeal of your Orlando/Tampa business, apartment, medical campus, condominiums, shopping plazas, and hotels, you have stiff competition and need to make a good first impression to attract potential customers. You need a WOW factor to attract your potential customer or clients driving by in their air conditioned cars, extending well beyond your street sign. Whether you realize it or not your landscaping says a lot, delivering a professional, positive and overall welcoming message with landscaping will attract customers and increase property value.

There is more to commercial landscaping than turning no the sprinkler and planting some annuals. Baker Commercial Landscaping gives you peace of mind that your property looks it’s best to increase productivity all around.

land5Attractive Outdoor Space: The power of aesthetics can never be ignored! Everyone enjoys an attractive space, ensuring your business will attract new clients and keep existing ones. Potential clients will also notice the beautiful detail oriented landscaping and will translate that into the level of care they will receive at your facility.

Property Value: Everyone is instinctively drawn to areas that are more attractive, research also shows customers feel safer in a well manicured environment. An inviting curb appeal can increase revenue for your business.

Eco-Friendleness: “Going Green” is important to existing and potential clients, as well as our environment. Using native plants in your design space and using green products will show you care about the world around you.

Productivity: Studies have shown employees are healthier and work more effectively and efficiently when surrounded by landscape designs with peaceful settings and have natural elements. Happy employees leads to happy clients.

The benefits of using a commercial landscaping company for your business are numerous, everyone is happy and your business has a steady stream of customers. Contact Baker Commercial Landscaping today and create the WOW factor your looking for to attract potential customers and clients.