Central Florida Commercial Landscaper, How Important is Fertilizing?

August 17, 2018

There are many different aspects of keeping an Orlando, Tampa, and Brevard, landscape healthy and looking good. Baker Commercial Landscape strives to provide the very best from design, maintenance, irrigation, pest control and fertilization for your business. Each one of these aspects or needs must be met for a cohesive year-round look. There is more to landscape care than just planting trees and grass, it requires the care of a professional landscaper.

One way that Baker Commercial Landscape ensures a healthy and beautiful property is through fertilization. Everyone requires the right food and nutrients to live and so does your landscape. Grasses, shrubs, and trees all need to be fertilized multiple times throughout the year in Central Florida. For example, St. Augustine or Bahia grass is healthiest when fertilized twice a year and we all want a business front with green elegant grass.

Florida weather can take a toll on all types of plants because of its extreme conditions. A professional will go through all the steps, from testing the soil’s PH levels to choosing the right type of fertilizer for each yard. The testing identifies what soil is missing so that it can be replaced and balanced to fix the deficiencies. The more watering a yard requires can affect the amount of fertilization sessions, but a properly picked slow release granular fertilizer can help reduce that need. Don’t forget the cleanup, fertilizer should not run into water sources, so it is important to acquire the assistance of a professional.

There is an importance to fall fertilization that should not be over looked. While Spring is an important time to prepare your yard for grueling Florida summers, fall is just as important with its own benefits. The conditions in fall are conductive for the uptake of fertilization. This is important to heal the damage caused by summer heat, water loss, foot traffic, wear and tear, insects and more. With the help of the professionals at Baker Commercial Landscape you can get a fertilization schedule that is the perfect fit for your property.

Our team of experts create a unique program for every client. With a team of certified and licensed technicians your property can have year-round beauty. From fertilization to pest control and everything in between Baker Commercial Landscape can give you a tailor fitted plan.

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