Attract Tampa/Orlando Business with Eye Catching Landscape Design

September 3, 2018

We see landscape designs everywhere from local parks to neighborhoods and even busy street corners, there are many aspects that go into creating that perfect unique look for each space. An effective design can improve the client or customer experience and have more people drawn to your commercial property. Baker Commercial Landscape strives to execute the best plan for your business or venue. With our years of experience and certified professionals, we deliver just that!

Baker Commercial Landscape aims to increase customer satisfaction through landscape design. Organization allows us to make a property easier to navigate. Features like drainage, slopes, structures and utilities are all considered when developing a design this ensures safety for visitors.

Florida has an added hurtle with its sometimes-grueling climate, we include this when developing a client’s personalized plan. With easy to get around properties client business will increase and thrive.

Everyone loves an easy to get to location, whether it be a well-designed walkway, parking lots to creative plantings that will leave a lasting impression.

Another goal of all Baker designs is to create unity or cohesion throughout the property. Eye catching patterns and focal points can help achieve this key principle. Along with the unity there should also be balanced in flower beds, shrubbery and more. A design that is easy on the eyes will have customers picking your business over the others.

Landscape Design must be planned and put forth with visitors in mind. High traffic locations may require different types or grasses, shrubs and even trees.

Every space or property is different with specific needs, that is why Baker Commercial Landscape works closely to provide an individual design plan as well as maintenance for each client. This plan not only meets their needs. but goes above their expectations.

Using basic principles as a guide, we develop a blueprint of what your business front needs while considering personal style and taste. Enhance the appearance of your landscape, business front, or property through redesigns, new projects, and more.

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