Affordable Ways to Keep Up With the Latest Landscaping Trends

June 17, 2018

Property managers and business owners in Tampa, Brevard, and Orlando understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends. This is also true when it comes to commercial landscaping.

“Stimulated by a healthy economy, homeowners and property managers are innovating their landscapes in fun, new ways. Recognizing the tremendous value that beautiful and functional landscapes bring to homes and commercial properties, today’s landscapes are built to last so they can be used and enjoyed through all the seasons, year after year.” says Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs, National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Today’s landscape designs create a quality outdoor experience. Combining form and function to bring together a creative space for working, living, dining, shopping, and playing.

The First Impression

The experience begins at the entrance, a welcoming design that will WOW your guests and make residence feel glad to be home. Beautiful colors to captivate your audience, healthy green lawn and plants for an inviting design.

Creating a Lasting Impression

Because of our extreme weather patterns in Central Florida, you need a landscape that will endure. When it’s over 90 degrees outside it is easy to forget, but earlier this year we reached freezing temperatures! Incorporating drought tolerant plants as well as those that can adapt to our climate, creates curb appeal that is cost effective.

Sustainable Landscape

More than just a buzz word, it combines native plants with Eco friendly watering practices, smart irrigations systems, and xeriscaping, to create a landscape that will help the environment and last for years without the need for harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

Don’t underestimate your company’s exterior look, make the right choice when choosing a landscape company.

As a leader in the industry, Baker Commercial Landscaping is proud to serve Central Florida. Our properties can be seen throughout Orlando, Tampa, and Brevard, as living proof of our quality and excellence.

The experience landscape team at Baker Commercial Landscaping will assess your property to create a welcome mat with a lasting impression. Vital components include seasonal plantings, sod, pruning, irrigation, mulching, fertilizing, maintenance, pest and weed control, and aquatic services. Our attention to details will be noticed by your guests.

Make your best first impression and a lasting one by contacting Baker Commercial Landscaping today for a free quote today!