Add Curb Appeal for Your Orlando, Tampa, Brevard Landscaping

February 8, 2018

It’s the first thing customers and guests notice as they approach your Orlando or Tampa business or office, the landscaping. With everything going on in your business, the landscaping may not be high on the priority list. Baker Commercial Landscaping makes it easy and affordable to maximize your your outdoor space, while having a huge impact on curb appeal.

An unkempt lawn, whether it has brown spots or has seen better days, sends a big message to your guests. A beautiful lawn with colorful flowers and healthy plants, create an inviting atmosphere.

On the other hand, splotchy grass, overgrown shrubs, and dying plants create an unappealing environment.

Transform and Add Life to Your Landscape

The first step to a successful landscape is a comprehensive plan, which takes into consideration several elements.  From the soil conditions, climate, space, plants, irrigation system, to the budget.

Just planting a few plants and hoping for the best doesn’t do much for your curb appeal. It is important to have a plan. A professional landscape design can do wonders for increasing business prospects. Transforming your property by ensuring it stands out with unique features and making the entrance a focal point.

The design team at Baker Commercial Landscaping work closely with property owners and managers to create a plan with modern trends, a variety of colors, textures, and layers. Working with your space, updated the features to attract customers and add value to your property.

Professional landscaping increases resale value of property by 14%, according to the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association. Beautiful landscaping can also give credibility to a business profile, create a positive image, and attract customers and clients.

To get the best return on your investment you need to partner with the right landscaping service.

Baker Commercial Landscaping has served Central Florida, Tampa and Orlando, since 1991 and offer eco-friendly solutions for all your landscaping needs. Our dedication and experience to Florida’s sustainable practices is what sets Baker Commercial Landscaping above the rest

We can create a budget friendly plan specific to your needs to ensure your property looks amazing all year round.

If you are in Tampa, Brevard, or Orlando, contact Baker Commercial Landscaping for a free estimate.